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My Story

I was born in the very, very, very late 1950's. As you can see by the picture, I was born in full color, not in black-and-white, like most children of the time. I was also one of the larger 6 1/2 gallon sized babies judging by the box. I eventually grew bigger and learned to do all the things kids do, like...

,,,fishing, and...

...baseball (I didn't like baseball that much), and...

...playing in the snow...

...okay, so maybe I didn't like playing in the snow that much either.

We also travelled a lot...

...and had pictures of our backs taken at many exciting places!

I have no idea who's dog this was.

Bugs were drawn to me.

And didn't I have some interesting hair in high school?

All of this is to say that I was a kid, just like you. Only, like my own kids say, way back in the stone age, but a kid like you who now draws pictures and paints paintings to make all kids look at their world and wonder about what is and what can be. So when you grow up, try and remember what it was like being a kid so you can make other kids wonder, too.

Just try and get a better haircut in highschool than I did, okay?